Is Training (alone) a form of Work Avoidance?

Is Training (alone) a form of Work Avoidance?
‘…  Beyond selection, leadership development is a line manager’s daily responsibility.   Training and development processes like those we design in our consulting services are no substitute for regular on-the-job debriefing….’   From The Practice of Adaptive Leadership This is so true.  It is such a common illusion held by managers (me included) that sending people to ...

Quote – Resistance to Change

‘People don’t resist change. They resist being changed’ from ‘Change or die’

Quote – Walk the Talk

‘… I don’t think a leader can accomplish major changes without being willing to slice yourself open and become part of the change…’ From ‘Change or Die’

Quote – Comfort Zone

‘…. the experience of going beyond your competence is also a necessary part of leadership…’ from ‘Leadership on the Line’

Facilitation at High Schools

I am taking an edx course on the topic of learning.   In doing so, I come across a video describing a teaching practice in the US.    I am surprised how facilitative it is.    I wish my high school experience was like this.   I certainly want this for my children (but also ...

‘Diversity’ from Ancient Chinese

'Diversity' from Ancient Chinese
When I hear the following Chinese saying idiom from a radio broadcast, it rings the bell. 兼听则明,偏信则暗 This one is extracted from a conversation between a Tang Emperor and his ‘Prime Minister’ over 1,300 years ago.     The literal translation is: You will be enlightened if you hear different opinion.   You will be ...

‘Learning’ from Ancient Chinese

‘Learning’ from Ancient Chinese
Triggered by a discussion with a friend, I would like to write a few posts about Chinese ancient wisdom, and more importantly what it means in corporate learning nowadays.   I believe it would be a good reflection for my own experience in the corporate learning world as well, both in China and outside.  The first ...

Trend re Corporate Learning

I recently have more time to catch up with practitioners in the learning market in China.   They include facilitators, HR leaders, executive education leaders and those who run their own training / OD firms.   One common theme coming up frequently in our conversations is around ‘How differently can or should we help people ...