RAC – Hope it help

Taking advantage of the offsite meeting this weekend, I gathered all the trainers right before the offsite meeting.  It was not easy to gather all since we all travel very frequently.   Another trainer and I facilitated the session.    Here is the RAC details:

  • Venue: A Sunny morning in Shanghai
  • Course type: A Facilitation Discussion Session
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • No. of participants:11
  • I am feeling: Happy and Energized

I facilitated to discuss the 22 sins outlined by Bob Pike in our organisation’s own environment.   Other than understanding what the sins mean, we discussed how to avoid them.   The another facilitator of the session then facilitated a discussion on course closing, and another ran a closing.   I hope that the session was useful to all.

I am more and more interested in TTT (‘Train-The-Trainer) these days.   It is challenging as I have to demonstrate what I deliver.   It is more challenging than presentation class since the participants are……   trainers.    They are often good at presentation skills which is an essential element in being a good trainer.

RAC – Performance Feedback

Here is another Right After Class (RAC) session. As said, I just record whatever I feel after the class. Not exactly for learning sharing like the other posts.

  • Venue: Sunny days in Shanghai
  • Course type: A Presentation Course
  • Duration: 2 days
  • No. of participants: 9

This is my favourite type of class – Presentation Class. Small group working together in 2 days. Lot of learning can take place. More importantly, the learning is not just for the participants, but for me as well. As a trainer, I make presentation in every class. Conducting a presentation class makes me reflect how effective I am as a trainer.

A learning for myself this time is that I shall structure my content better for elementary level of learners. As I gather more and more thoughts on the topic of presentation, I tend to deliver more and more content in class. And it seems it now become too much, especially since the 9 participants this time are rather new to the idea of presentation.

Thanks to Stan who sat in my class, and gave me the feedback. As I said in this blog, it is absolutely vital but difficult for a trainer to get feedback. Having a fellow trainer as the on-site observe who is willing to give candid feedback is a luxury.

Right After Class (RAC) – Improvement

I am thinking to start another series of post and I will call it RAC. I will record whatever comes to my mind right after I adjourn a course. And whenever possible, I will take a picture on spot and post it here with some brief information about the class. So, bear with me as this series will be rather unorganised.

Here is the first one…

  • Venue: Sunny days in Shanghai
  • Course type: Management Course
  • Duration: 3 days

I am now still in the training room. I have conducted this course for around 7-8 times in the past 1 year. So, I am rather familiar with it. I am hit with a thought during the class today – a thought which comes to me quite often i.e. It is not easy for a trainer to improve since there is lack of feedback. So long as your facilitation skills is not too lousy, you will not be aware of your shortcoming. Yes, there is L1 feedback from the participants but normally there would not be critical comment which you can know more about your weakness. This is especially the case in Asia given the culture of courtesy.

I should invite other facilitators to sit in my class to give me feedback. Of course, I need to build good rapport with him / her in advance in order to have cordial feedback. Chatting with other facilitators on skills and observing the others in action should also improve my skills.

Do let me know if you have any good idea on this!!