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‘Ask, not Tell’ – Adult learns things better by being asked a question, rather than being told. There are lots more insights in this blog on how to coach, facilitate learning and team development as well as helping organization works. I gain these insights from my work in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. I love to reflect on them here. I will share with lot of stories about facilitation, learning and coaching (teams & individuals) .  I hope this blog can be forum for me to hear the others’ views as well!! So, do drop your comment!!

Click here to see why this blog is called ‘Ask, Not Tell’ and latest thoughts on this blog.

3 Replies to “About This Blog”

  1. David,

    Congratulations for your initiation in setting up this blog, for minds to meet and exchanges for the better! Definitely an achievement!

    Whilst I totally agree with you that sharing stories and experiences about training are important to writer and viewers alike, perhaps add a corporate perspective, it might also be beneficial to address one of the fundamentals of corporate training i.e. the value proposition of having corporate training in an organisation and how to quantify them. This might serve as a differentiation between your blog and other blogs or websites.

    My 2 cents….


  2. Thanks for your comment, Bonnie. Will definitely take your 2 pieces of suggestion into account…. David

  3. Hi David,
    Great link. I will be looking through in detail shortly. Just thought I would share that I have been training for several years now and one of my “proverbs” of training has been ‘Questions are the Answers’ — which fundamentally means the same as Ask dont Tell.
    Congratulations. Will keep in touch.

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