Another wise man in 2012

I am lucky. I met another very unique practitioner in 2012. And I have opportunity to work with him as well. We co-facilitated 3 workshops this year. I think my comment at the last workshop to him can illustrate his impact on me. I said ‘Graham, I feel very ‘frustrated’ every time I work with you. I always feel inadequate. But I like this frustration.’ I was really put out of the comfort zone when I worked with him.

Again, Graham is so widely-read. (Yes, among all the practitioners I know, Graham and Joey are most knowledgeable – in terms of breadth, depth and practicality.) He heads up the OD function in an international company. At the same time, he has great exposure to renowned academic institutes in the world. Again, what makes him different is his relentless effort to put his knowledge into actual practice / work. He sees his role as linking the academic world and the real world. I am also very impressed that he always can link different concepts together to make sense of the bigger picture.

Despite his superb knowledge, capabilities and network, he is humble and easy to work with. I already learn a lot by reflecting what and how he does things!! I am so fortunate to get to know him and even work with him.


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