Online Video Resource for Training – A practical aspect

I talked about the ample resources on websites like Youtube and Vimeo which can help our training a lot.   But what happens if you do not have Internet access inside your training room?   Or even if you have it, the access is slow?

I was introduced to a website which allows us to download chips from the Internet into our computers.  It is called Miro.    I have not used it because there is system restriction on my laptop.   And unfortunately video websites like Youtube and Vimeo are now blocked in China!!  Anyway, hope that it is useful to you.   Do let me know your comment if you try it.

2 Replies to “Online Video Resource for Training – A practical aspect”

  1. A quote from a conference I attended last week – I thought you might like it:
    “Most of us are under the mistaken impression that we are thinking creatures with feelings. In fact, we are feeling creatures that think.”
    Also I know you don’t have Youtube but if you ever get it back, a little piece of free software called Youtube Downloader is wonderful – very fast and bug free.

  2. Fiona, thanks for your comment. And I heard a similar one – ‘Unlike what we learn in Economics, human beings are not rational. In fact, we are just irrational creatures trying to be rational.’

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