Online Video Resource for Training

Internet is getting more and more useful.   At least to my world of Internet.   It is the online video this time.  You can almost get any kind of video from the intenet.   The most popular site is Youtube.   My previous blog post on the ‘Sound of Music’ clip is an example.   This helps my TTT course.  In addition, I can also have a clip in the class to illustrate the ADDIE instructional design process.

And I just come across another one which can trigger lot of interesting discussion on the topic of client engagement

Another sources is  Vimeo.   The latter comes in handy especially because we cannot access youtube in the Mainland at the moment.   For example, there is a great video on Vimeo which my fellow technical trainers in the Bank can use to explain what the credit crunch in the US really means.

Video adds to the variety of your training course.   And now it is easier than before to find a suitable one.

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