My ideal slides 我的理想幻灯片

I made a casual lunch presentation last week in the office to share my personal view on time management.   Unlike the slides common in our bank, I made mine picture-driven.   Though I did not have much time to prepare, I still like them quite a lot.   Let me share a few with you here.


As I always argue, I believe that most of the time effective slides are supposed to carry pictures rather than words.   Wordy slides will only ‘compete’ with the speaker’s verbal content, which then makes understanding difficult.


上周,我以演示形式与同事分享我个人对时间管理的看法。虽让准备的时间不多,我也在前一天晚上准备了幻灯片,我还特意把它做得跟银行里大部分幻灯片不一样 – 以图而不是字为主导。我挺喜欢它的,让我在这里分享几张:


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  1. 哈哈,我还奇怪为啥变成中英文对照版的呢,看了下面一篇才明白了。你的中文文笔没想到也是那么流程自然哪,恭喜恭喜!:)

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