RAC – ‘Diversity’

  • Course: Induction Program
  • Date: 1-5 Sep 08
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • # of Learners: over 150
  • I am feeling: Great

I am writing this post in the Kuala Lumpur International Airport….   I just finished an international induction program for the graduate trainees in our bank.   It was a large scale event with over 150 learners.  
To me, this is an experience of ‘diversity’.   First, it was a great experience to facilitate sessions for learners coming from some 20 nationalities – Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Kenya, UK….   I had all different attitude, knowledge and viewpoint in the classroom.   It is fun to just observe, but even more fun to facilitate their learning.
The second aspect of ‘diversity’ is my 4 co-facilitators.  It was amazing that though we were very different, we worked along very well!!   Whilst some are creative and spontaneous, some are structured and detail-oriented.   Through this program, I do realize more the power of a team with diverse capabilities.   Of course, having appropriate soft skills is essential to ‘bridge’ the difference.   In addition, I learnt a lot from them including new facilitation techniques and thoughts behind designing a session.
OK, time to catch my flight back to Shanghai!!

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