RAC – Obtaining Better Feedback

  • Course: A presentation course
  • Date: 17-18 Dec 2007
  • Location: Warm in Guangzhou, China
  • # of Participants: 10
  • I am feeling: Good

Tried the thought discussed in the last post. It is a good experience. I told them:

‘Before our last activity, I would like to ask for your feedback about this course. Here is the feedback form. You do not have to fill your name if you find it more comfortable this way. Other than the just choose the rating, please do write down your comment so that I know your view better. I assure you that I will read this. In fact, I will summarize your feedback and send to you later.

(Hand the forms to them). Now, I will leave some quiet time for you to complete it. After you complete it, please just leave the form on the desk at back of this room. Thanks!’

It turns out that there is much more and better quality feedback!! I like it!!

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