RAC – ‘Poker’ in class

  • Course: A 3 day management course
  • Date: 21-23 Nov 2007
  • Location: Sunny days in Shenzhen, China
  • # of Participants: 23
  • I am feeling: Tired

I have been in class in the last 8 days… consecutively. Yes, including the last weekend… The experience did consume much of my energy. And now in the Shenzhen airport, I got to deal with the delay as well!! (But at the same time, I learnt quite a lot especially from the TTT class in the weekend.)

Back to the class I just finished today. I tried something new. I learnt this from the 7-habit class. Credit goes to Stanley Sun. I used the poker card to draw participation in the class. I encouraged the participant to answer questions, give comment and share experience. For those who did this, I will let them to draw a poker card. I would then have a prize for the one who got the highest score. It worked very well.

By doing this, you do not need to prepare too many prizes. But at the same time, you can motivate the participants to participate from time to time. You will be amazed how much people love to draw and collect cards!!

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  1. Hi David, It is useful for motivation of participants’ involvement in the class. I used the method before. I also like the idea of “dot pasting” on the name card. but trainer still need more movement in the classroom and judge when should reward the dots for avoiding the “over-usage”.

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