RAC – Tackling ‘Murphy Law’

  • Course: A Cash Management course
  • Date: 19 Oct 2007
  • Location: A good sunny autumn day in Hong Kong, China
  • # of Participants: 28
  • I am feeling: Tired but Good

It is an interesting experience this morning.   The projector did not work when I examined it before the class started.   It still did not work after repeated ‘rescue’ attempt.   There was only 10 more minutes before the class started and the participants were down-stair already.   They are external participants, not internal ones.   And this is a technical knowledge training i.e. lot of hard content instead of a soft-skills one with lot of experimental activities.   What would you do?

I chose to do my training without projector instead of delaying the start or finding another room.   I was glad that I was quite calm about this.  This may be because I have been more and more suspecting about whether visual ‘aids’ the delivery.   See my upcoming post ‘Blocking the Projector’ for more of my thoughts on this.   In addition, I am the one who developed the course content, and thus I know the content and flow well.

The no-projector delivery went very well.   I was so satisfied that I almost decided not to use the projector even though it was fixed after the first break!!   This experience strengthens my thought of avoiding reliance on projector / PPT:


  • It will disappoint you some day (…well.. Murphy Law..)
  • Audience hates PPT more and more these days
  • PPT is more a speaking note than visual aid these days.  Using it will just lower your creditability since you speak only after looking at what is on the slide.   (Yet, it is a good safety net if you really do not have time to prepare)


5 Replies to “RAC – Tackling ‘Murphy Law’”

  1. Interesting!
    No-projector! Another kind of ‘Digilog’?
    Just got back from HK today…you were there too!
    You from this blog are really impressive!!!

  2. Rowen, thanks for your comment!! We should have met up there!! By the way, what is ‘Digilog’?

  3. Just want to share with you a story of mine after reading your journal about training aids. In one of my early training jobs, my boss said that a good trainer could not be too handsome or too beautiful; otherwise, his/her charming physical appearance would draw all attention of audience and therefore steal the show of or outshine the ppt, the flipchart, the learning journal and other training materials (which should be the focus). After explaining the aforesid to me, she concluded and said, “So, Anthony, you are REALLY born to be a good trainer!” 🙁

  4. Anthony, your previous boss’s comment simply means that you have the best of both worlds!! You are handsome (NOT ‘too handsome’) and you are born to be a good trainer!! How nice it is!!

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