Sit on your hands and shut up 2

I heard a veteran facilitator talking about Open Space earlier this month. Great wisdom. She said that there are 3 necessary conditions to make Open Space work. First, there are burning issues which the participants care collectively. Second, all participants join the event voluntarily. Third, the sponsor (who calls for the event) is really interested what may emerge from the process.

If these are in place, after giving the instruction, the facilitator should just sit on his / her hand and shut up.   It is so true but not exactly easy to do.

To the contrary, an Open Space will surely fail if the participants as a community do not see any burning issue, some (if not all) of them are ‘forced’ to join the event and the sponsor calls for the event just for sake of doing it. For the last point, the worst is that the sponsor in fact has his / her solutions in mind already.



2 thoughts on “Sit on your hands and shut up

  1. Reply victor Oct 21,2014 11:06 am

    David, you make good sense here!

  2. Reply Nadia von Holzen Dec 11,2014 1:27 am

    Hi David, yes indeed burning issues – or discuss the essentials, the questions and challenges that really matter and people care about. Som w further thoughts here:
    Best, Nadia

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