Action Learning in Action


I was excited about what I experienced in an internal meeting conducted in India. Basically there were a few leadership development facilitators and operational colleagues discussing with logistic support colleagues on how to improve some operational processes. [Sorry that I cannot tell more about the details] With a few of us being conscious about what is really going on, it turned into an action learning intervention – all worked on the stuff, and at the same time learned about leadership, ways of working, problem solving, etc. At least this is what I perceived. I could not help to share at the end that what happened was a great example of what I believe the future leadership development intervention should be. The beauty of such practice includes:


  • Real stuff is being resolved
  • As such, the return on the underlying developmental resources can be objectively measured
  • The common problem of lacking line managers’ support on learning events no longer exists. It is real.
  • People learn effectively with high learning transfer

The question is:


How to make it scalable? The facilitator has much more preparation work to do because each intervention can be very different. And we are asking a lot from the facilitator who needs to be resourceful and skillful. Able to intervent just in time with relevant concepts or tools…


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  1. I believe when the needs are real, there will be the supply. The question is how effectively people see the value. Your Blog is a good contributor to this development! Keep the good stuff coming in the new year David.

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