Immunity to Change


It is beautiful! …  if you ask me how I feel about overall Immunity to Change (ITC) approach.   I have recently attended a workshop on this run by the author himself – Dr. Robert Kegan.  See more on the HBR article – ‘The Real Reason People Won’t Change’ or a short description on the Kegan’s website.

A few key reflections in my experience to the approach:

  • I am fascinated by the underlying concept of ‘Subject-Object’.  It is such a simple term but capture a great deal;
  • I have been in touch with a few very interesting concepts in the last few years i.e. ‘Adaptive Challenge’, ‘Mindset’ (in how it affects performance), ‘S-curve’, etc.   The ITC approach nicely integrates for me all these, especially when I read the Immunity to Change book;
  • In particular, I am intrigued by the thought – if developing our leadership is largely an adaptive challenge, the work of finding out the prohibiting mindset (or brake) is actually about identifying what the problem really is.   And amazingly, the 4-column process helps us do this;
  • Re ‘Mindset’, the ITC is the first most systematic approach on how to identify the ‘outdated’ mindset in the context of change;
  • ‘Change’ is a big topic.  More importantly, I am in the business helping people to change.   The ITC approach will probably be a key element in my practice systematically.

And some other reflections in the form of questions:

  • How possible and appropriate to have a 4 column module to end every training workshop in order to enhance real change will happen after such training investment?
  • ITC / 4c process is a beautiful concept. What is the similar / equivalent idea that the Chinese philosophers have come up in the past give our reflective nature and long history?

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