Adding ‘Share’ buttons

Adding 'Share' buttons
I am trying to enhance the blog functionalities.   My first attempt is to enable readers to share the posts on social media including Linkedin, Facebook and Wechat.   Wishing to connect more like-minded people.

New Experiment

New Experiment
I wrote a paper with an IMD professor on a few companies in China.    Well, it is not exactly related to the themes of this blog.   Well, but it is an easy post to start with….  a lot other coaching / facilitation experience to reflect on in this blog!!    Anyway, hopefully such ...

New Subscription Service Available

Please subscribe again by entering your email address on the right.   Thanks.  David

Sorry, email subscription service suspends…

Hi.  I just realise that Google has stopped the feedburner which I have been using.   I have been trying to find a replacement service but with no success yet.   As such, in the mean time, please read it by RSS feed (e.g. through reader like feedly) or simply visiting the website.

A New Look

A New Look
Ask Not Tell has been around for 6 years.    I have long been thinking to give the website a new look.    Why?   I believe that we all need to re-think everything important around us from time to time.   Working on the new look makes me re-think what the blog is about.    Second, I realize more ...

5 Years Old! 1

5 Years Old!
‘Ask, Not Tell’ is 5 years old this month!   I cannot believe how fast time has flied! As I look back, the topics in the blog have shifted.   I wrote a lot about presentation skills and classroom training skills in the beginning.    Bit by bit, I have changed the perspective from training to learning.   For ...


To make this blog more lively, I want to try something new.   I will insert a photo in each of my future post.   The photo would be taken at a time recent to the post.   It may or may not be related directly to the post.

Strength-based Approach 1

The single most important insight I gained in Chennai is the Strength-based Approach.  I am already aware of this before the class in Chennai.  But the class brought up the approach to me thanks to the trainers’ vivid delivery.  Basically, the approach is about focusing on your strength rather than weakness.   This resonates me a ...