Why coaching?

‘… Coachees frequently come to the coach not in order to change, but as a last resort in order to stay the same… ‘ Erik de Haan and Yvonne Burger

Further thought on Co-designing with client

 I wrote about the importance in designing with a representative from the sponsor (here), yet maintaining adequate direct contact with the sponsor (here).   My thought on co-designing is sharpened by my recent experience in running a team development workshop in Shenyang China. The representative is preferably one of the participants.   Not (just) the sponsor’s business planning manager or executive assistant or HR / Training Department coordinator, but someone on the receiving end of the intervention.   First, the latter is equally (if not more informed) of what design would be more appropriate.   Second, working with a participant will simply put a better linkage between design thought and evaluation.     Lastly, if there is learning element in the workshop, the co-designer can start his / her learning earlier during the design process.


I lost 90% of my voice during a workshop in KL. Scary. My voice has been with me so long that I almost forget how precious it is, especially for someone in this profession.

So, what are we doing to protect the precious which we take it for granted?


I am still alive

There are so many things I want to write about!!    I have been browsing various topics in my mind including:

  • ‘The Paradox of Confidence and Vulnerability’ – Reflection from an ARL event
  • ‘How much space we should give to the facilitators?’ – Reflection from the Singapore TTT
  • ‘Facilitating in the Fire’ – Reflection from the IAF conference in Shenzhen
  • ‘Diving into Content’ – Reflection from co-facilitating in Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as from the IAF conference
  • ‘Changing Organisation’ – Reflection from the IAF conference and the book ‘The Practice of Adaptive Leadership’
  • ‘Executive Coaching’ – Reflection from the executive coaching workshop

I really feel like I am adding too much stuff onto my plate before I can really digest them.    Perhaps I should take in ‘smaller bite’ i.e. do it like twitter rather than blog.