I lost 90% of my voice during a workshop in KL. Scary. My voice has been with me so long that I almost forget how precious it is, especially for someone in this profession.

So, what are we doing to protect the precious which we take it for granted?


I am still alive

There are so many things I want to write about!!    I have been browsing various topics in my mind including:

  • ‘The Paradox of Confidence and Vulnerability’ – Reflection from an ARL event
  • ‘How much space we should give to the facilitators?’ - Reflection from the Singapore TTT
  • ‘Facilitating in the Fire’ – Reflection from the IAF conference in Shenzhen
  • ‘Diving into Content’ – Reflection from co-facilitating in Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as from the IAF conference
  • ‘Changing Organisation’ – Reflection from the IAF conference and the book ‘The Practice of Adaptive Leadership’
  • ‘Executive Coaching’ – Reflection from the executive coaching workshop

I really feel like I am adding too much stuff onto my plate before I can really digest them.    Perhaps I should take in ‘smaller bite’ i.e. do it like twitter rather than blog.