Further thought on Co-designing with client

Further thought on Co-designing with client
 I wrote about the importance in designing with a representative from the sponsor (here), yet maintaining adequate direct contact with the sponsor (here).   My thought on co-designing is sharpened by my recent experience in running a team development workshop in Shenyang China. The representative is preferably one of the participants.   Not (just) the sponsor’s business ...

Quote – Resistance to Change

‘People don’t resist change. They resist being changed’ from ‘Change or die’

Quote – Comfort Zone

‘…. the experience of going beyond your competence is also a necessary part of leadership…’ from ‘Leadership on the Line’


I lost 90% of my voice during a workshop in KL. Scary. My voice has been with me so long that I almost forget how precious it is, especially for someone in this profession. So, what are we doing to protect the precious which we take it for granted?


A short fun video…..   and it reminds me the potential challenge in explaining things in workshop sometimes…. CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

Traveling with Mr Sketch 1

Traveling with Mr Sketch
When I am not careful with Mr Sketch….

I am still alive

There are so many things I want to write about!!    I have been browsing various topics in my mind including: ‘The Paradox of Confidence and Vulnerability’ – Reflection from an ARL event ‘How much space we should give to the facilitators?’ – Reflection from the Singapore TTT ‘Facilitating in the Fire’ – Reflection from the IAF ...

Power of ‘Question’ & ‘Space’

It is amazing what will happen when we give people a good question and space (both time and physical space)